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Experience the Amwaaj difference

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Amwaaj provides strategic focus, direction and execution, whether your business is growing, declining or simply facing winds of change.
We take pride and care in the service we provide and you can expect the highest professional standards in all that we do.
Our team possesses extensive experience in leading and managing complex Pharma businesses spanning the UK, Middle East and Africa. We therefore offer practical solutions built not just on theory but an international track record of hands-on delivery.
We have acquired and divested businesses, successfully managed business integrations, restructured companies and organisations, developed high performance teams, launched new products, entered new markets and executed many projects to deliver strategic objectives.

Get your company on the path to growth and success


Our vision is to deliver positive change to your business and add value where it matters.


We are a group of professionals based in Dubai with senior level multinational experience in Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Commercial and Operations.


Chances are that we have personally managed business situations that your company might be in at this moment.


Contact us and experience the Amwaaj difference.


Our Consulting business can support you in a number of ways:

  • Strategy development & execution

  • Net Revenue Management, through our TIE programme

  • Business transformation, through our BRIDGE programme

  • Improving risk management, governance and compliance

  • Supporting M&A and Business Development initiatives

  • Business Process Outsourcing

In our Product Commercialisation business, we:

  • Partner with companies to introduce products to market, taking responsibility for sales, marketing and other aspects.

  • Manage the strategy execution on the ground to build a successful trade and tender business for the Principal.

  • Work through preferred regulatory and distribution partners in each country, maximising sales and minimising risks.

Commitment to Quality

Values based on Transparency and Integrity

Agile business model responsive to your needs

Strength through relationships

Amwaaj Life Sciences FZLLC

Dubai Science Park, Dubai.

United Arab Emirates.

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