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We will commercialise your portfolio

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) markets offer a highly attractive marketplace for your products and services. There is good potential for growth and profitability compared to highly developed but mature markets. Yet each country has its own specific characteristics and requirements. And in perhaps no other region in the world, is your choice of partner more important.

We have the depth of experience and a network of regional contacts to help bring your portfolio to the market.
We can be the single stop shop to meet all your commercialisation needs. We can:
  • Identify the market potential.
  • Recommend operating models and access strategy in line with your product portfolio.
  • Clarify what may appear to be complex regulatory processes.
  • Select the best fit local distribution partners.
  • Help build the required organisational structures.
  • Establish a trading model through Amwaaj Life Sciences, based at Dubai Science Park.
  • Supervise the launch and all aspects of sales and marketing.
  • Provide ongoing active management of the business.

Commitment to Quality

Values based on Transparency and Integrity

Agile business model responsive to your needs

Strength through relationships

Amwaaj Life Sciences FZLLC

Dubai Science Park, Dubai.

United Arab Emirates.

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