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Our Audit Readiness programme will help to protect your business

Preserving the reputation of any organization has proven to have a direct positive impact on shareholder value and long term financial performance.


Customers and partners, particularly multinationals, are increasingly vigilant on this area and the ability to demonstrative effective controls is a prerequisite to signing or renewing any business contracts. 

This can only be demonstrated through a formal risk management and compliance programme that focuses on protecting the organization against a comprehensive range of threats, through effective processes and systems, which result in a constant state of readiness for any audits or inspections, conducted internally or by external bodies.

Our signature AUDIT READINESS programme is an end-to-end solution to providing you the assurance that key processes are both in place and in use. We begin by preparing an overall readiness strategy with you and provide execution support to ensure successful implementation. Active partnering, training and monitoring are critical aspects of our delivery. 
Our team of experts possesses the latest knowledge of required standards of compliance, as well as the experience of passing many internal audits and external reviews with flying colours.
Our functional scope is comprehensive - risk management, commercial practices, medical governance, finance, human resources, IT, quality, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, etc. 

Commitment to Quality

Values based on Transparency and Integrity

Agile business model responsive to your needs

Strength through relationships

Amwaaj Life Sciences FZLLC

Dubai Science Park, Dubai.

United Arab Emirates.

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