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Our TIE programme to help drive a winning customer strategy

Delivering more sales growth and higher profits every year is challenging, particularly when facing intense competition, pricing pressures and increasingly demanding customers. Professional management of Trade Investments is an essential area to focus on, that will transform how you approach the customer and lead to short and long term improvement in Net Revenue Management.

Our signature Net Revenue Management programme offers:
  • Visibility through insightful analytics of your sales and expenditure

  • Design of an optimal customer strategy using our NRM Playbook

  • Target setting, opportunity valuation and risk assessment

  • Setting the measures for sustainable performance improvement


We will be your in-house specialist team to deliver the fit-for-purpose customer strategy for you. Our primary contacts will be with your commercial and financial teams as we together deliver the ROI improvements and build the capabilities through which you can sustain the benefits in the future.

Commitment to Quality

Values based on Transparency and Integrity

Agile business model responsive to your needs

Strength through relationships

Amwaaj Life Sciences FZLLC

Dubai Science Park, Dubai.

United Arab Emirates.

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